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Rental Agreement Template


Category : Agreement Templates, Microsoft Word Templates, Word 2007 Templates, Word Templates

Rental agreement is the document that is very important and this particular document is used to make a contract between two persons and these persons are owner and the tenant. This document includes:

  • Time duration of renter
  • Due date of payment
  • Terms and conditions
  • Monthly rent
  • Detail about down payments

Both the parties must be agree on this type of contract. This document would be used for getting a written form for the contract that is made between owners and the tenants. This document is of great importance because in case of any problem regarding the ownership, this document can provide the real proof of the true ownership.

It is necessary to have an appropriate pattern with which this agreement can be written. You are not required to get worried because you have come to the right place. You can get the best template that is designed by the professionals for the use of general public.

You can make the changes in this template that you consider necessary and then can easily use this as your own document. MS Word 2007 can be used for making the required changes in this kind of template and also you are not required to pay any charges for owning this template. Just download it and start the work.

Below is the preview an download link to this Free Rental Agreement Template,

Rental Agreement Template

Rental Agreement Template (1)

Download This Free Rental Agreement Template

Award Certification Template


Category : Certificate Templates, Microsoft Word Templates, Word 2007 Templates, Word Templates

Different types of certificates are given by the different educational institutes, training institutes, companies etc. these certificates are given to the students or employees in particular fields.

There are also many purposes for which the certificates are issued. Some of these certificates are:

  • Performance Award Certificate
  • Well done Award Certificate
  • Merit Award Certificate
  • Boy Scout Certificate Template

People always look for that award certificate template which is specially designed by the professionals because in this way they would be able to get the great design without making any effort. If you are one of those people then you are at right place. You can get this kind of template just by clicking the downloading link and also you are not required to pay any particular charges for this purpose.

Usually this template is designed in a professional method and the designer also keep in mind the specific concept that it is designed in such a way so that everyone can easily edit this particular template according to its requirements. By using this type of template you can easily make your own award certificate that would be perfect for the use of concerned organization.

You can work on this template in MS Word 2007 because this software will provide you the best assistance for making the required changes in this template.

Here is the preview and download link to this Free Award Certification Template,

Award Certification Template

Download Award Certification Template

Training Manual Template


Category : Document Templates, Microsoft Word Templates, Word Templates

Training manual is a specific book of instructions that is made for the purpose of improving the already performed task. These are used for the different beneficial purposes depending upon the situations. It can also be used for the purpose of business and also for military purposes. This can be very useful as:


  • A foreword to subject matter previous to training
  • An sketch to be followed during working out
  • An indication to subject matter after training
  • General reference document

If you want to get some professional services in this regard then you have come at the right place because here you would be able to get the already designed trainingmanual template without getting worried for the payment. It is absolutely free of cost and you are not required to get worried about the charges that you may have to pay for getting such great training manual template.

This particular training manual template has been designed using the great software MS Word 2007 and therefore can be customized according to the requirements of the people easily without facing any typical problems in this regard. You can make any important changes in the template as per your need.

Here is the preview and download link For this Free Training Manual Template,

Wedding Invitation Templates


Category : Invitation Templates, Microsoft Word Templates, Publisher Templates, Word Templates

Wedding is the event that has a great importance in the life of every person. Wedding brings a great change in your life and you can enjoy the real taste of life with a lot of joy and happiness. Wedding ceremony is usually celebrated according to the different styles because there are different traditions of every society that must be followed in order to celebrate the wedding ceremony in the best way. Normally people use the different invitation cards for the purpose of inviting their friends and relatives.

If you do not want to get the ordinary wedding invitation cards that are available in the market then there is no need to get worried because you can make thewedding invitation cards without any problem. It would be great fun for you to make the wedding card of your own. If you are interested in making your ownwedding card but you don’t have any certain idea about designing the card then word template can guide you in the best way. you can get any of the wedding templates for designing the wedding invitation template. You would be able to have an idea about this. If you like this template and think that it is good enough then you can just change the text in this and can use it for the proposal.

With the help of MS Word 2007, you can easily make the different changes in the template according to your desire and also you would not have to get worried in this regard. It can also be according to the need of the couple who is going to marry. You can make the little changes in the color scheme and also can make some other changes according to your recommendations. You can use this self-created template and also can use this as a invitation card that can be given to your friends and relatives.

Here are preview and download link to these three free Wedding Invitation Templates,

First Free Wedding Invitation Template

Wedding Invitation Templates

Here is the download link For this Free Wedding Invitation Template

Wedding Invitation Templates (1)

Second Free Wedding Invitation Template

Here is the download link for this free Wedding Invitation Template (1)

Wedding Invitation Templates (2)


Third and last Wedding Invitation Templates

Here is the download for this Free Microsoft publisher Wedding Invitation Template (2)


Writing Paper Template


Category : Document Templates, Microsoft Word Templates, School Word Templates, Word Templates

There are many uses of writing papers. These can be used for:

  • Commercial printing
  • Stationeries
  • Copying
  • Digital printing
  • Newspapers
  • Catalogs
  • Business forms
  • Books
  • Magazines


There are different types of writing papers and are usually divided into main three types. These are newsprint, fine paper, finished coated paper. If you want to choose an already designed paper template then you have done the right thing to come here because you would be able to find the great paper template here without facing any problem. For getting a pre-defined writing template you would not have to pay any charges and you would be able to get the free template for you use. In this way, you would also be able to save your precious time that can be spent on other tasks.

This particular writing paper is designed with the help of MS Word 2007 and this would surely provide you to customize this particular template according to your own choice. It is very easy to make the required changes in this kind of writing template using such fantastic software. You also would not have to pay any charges for this because this is absolutely free and just have to download this particular template from the link given below.

Writing Paper Template


Here is the download link for this Writing Paper Template